Cole X-Dates was designed for insurance agents with input from actual users. You told us, "Build me a product that’s easy to use, access and affordable." So that’s exactly what we created.
Cole X-Dates is:
  • A powerful unlimited insurance lead generation product
  • Available to access online 24/7
Seven Types of Unlimited Prospects: We've simplified the way you find new customers and have narrowed the field to five types including:
  • Auto:
    Includes VIN along with vehicle make, model, year and x-date** combined with vehicle owner’s contact details. Agents can refine their search to confirmed homeowners, multi-vehicle households and certain parts of town to product accurate auto quotes quicker and easier with this intel. Plus, the auto list verifies whether these households have boats and motorcycles too.

  • Homeowner:
    This is known as an X-Dates search. Be the first in the door to contact prospects in your area just before their homeowner policy expires. These are truly just-in-time leads for your agency! Stop wasting marketing dollars contacting everyone and focus on the right leads at the right time.

    Did you know first year renewals are more likely to shop around for new homeowners insurance? These are proving to be very "hot" leads for our P&C agent customers all across the country.

  • Referrals:
    Any successful insurance agent knows referral marketing is one key strategy to their agency’s growth. Organically it works great. But using our powerful search engine allows you to further your reach. You can reach out to the neighbors of your best customers more often and easier.

  • Exact Age
    Otherwise known as life leads, knowing a prospect’s age is vital for life insurance, annunities, long-term health and saving for retirement. Maybe it’s 26 year olds you’d like to target for potential savings on car insurance. Or maybe it’s the 55 year olds for annuity or long-term health conversations. Agents can broaden this niche search with a range of ages and zero in on certain parts of town. When combined with estimated home value, purchase amount and spouse details, this makes for a great trigger search to grow your life insurance book of business.

  • Apartment Renter/Condo Owner:
    A large number of today’s renters become tomorrow’s homeowners. That’s why reaching out to these leads are a great way to grow your agency. Our search engine will browse your market and collect all the renters in your area. They are a great lead to start your business relationship with as they progress and become homeowners and new car buyers, they will continue to use you for insurance.

    Insurance agents should not overlook condo ownership prospects. Our search engine will provide you with these very targeted leads so you can start contacting condo owners today.

  • Multi-Line:
    This search function results in the largest pool of prospects for you to reach out to and to sell umbrella policies. This has an immediate, positive impact on your ROI.

    What could be better than a multi-driver prospect than an affluent multi-driver prospect? Our search engine will not only find you the right leads, it will filter them by household income so you can tailor your sales presentation accordingly.

  • Commercial:
    Grow the commercial side of your agency by searching for business prospects in your area. Insurance agents can easily search by industry type using four-digit Standard Industrial Classification or SIC codes. Don’t know the SIC code? No problem. Our product has a built-in SIC code look up.

*Call 800-800-3271 to learn more about our special pricing partnerships.
**Auto x-date not available in all locations.
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