Cole Information Services is committed to the security of the information used to create our products. We support the privacy of consumers through appropriate, responsible use of information-based products.

  • We provide services based on information.
  • We evaluate each product and service to assure balance between consumers' privacy expectations and the economic benefit to consumers and clients
  • We acquire information from reputable sources and take reasonable precautions to ensure and maintain the accuracy of that information
  • We comply with all laws and applicable self-regulatory guidelines

You can opt out of targeted advertising

If you wish, you can choose not to receive most targeted advertising by opting out. Opting out will not eliminate all targeted advertising, but it will eliminate most catalogs, pre-approved bank and retail credit offers, and other invitation-only offers you may like to receive.

Responsible marketing companies respect your choice to not receive direct mail advertising. DMA members, as a condition of membership, are required to suppress the names and addresses of individuals who have notified the DMA that they do not want to receive advertising by mail.

If you would like to opt out of direct mail advertising, send your complete name and address to:

DMA Mail Preference Service
P.O. Box 643
Carmel, NY 10512
If you would like to opt out of telemarketing calls, send your complete name, address and telephone number to:

DMA Telephone Preference Service
P.O. Box 1559
Carmel, NY 10512

Or call FTC Do Not Call Registry at 800.382.1222 or visit the FTC Do Not Call Registry webpage.
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